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about the artist ...     

I work in a small workshop in a little village in the region of Anjou, France.
atelierMarried with 4 children, through the years I painted in my spare time. Yet I was never really satisfied with the result, not daring to display my work, never really ready to take the next step towards actually becoming a painter.


     Poetry has long occupied (and still does occupy) much of my free time. It is poetry which has taught me the real intensity of things – poetry so full of patience and suffering, with its language of shadow and light. With neither particular method nor place, overbooked and stressed in every area of my life, painting seemed to me distant and inaccessible. Yet the intense desire to paint was never far from my mind. For more than twenty years, I have waited for the door to open…


     It was when I least expected it that things came together, almost without my being aware of it, allowing me take the risk to seriously begin painting. These things were: the creation of a little workshop planned as part of the renovation of our house; my encounter with a genuine and excellent teacher (which is so rare); and the most unbelievable thing, the luck to have, at least for awhile, the time – the time to learn, the time to work, the time to create. Within several months, that which I had waited for since almost forever, that which I had tried to put in place a million different ways without succeeding, this thing which has not since ceased to amaze me, was given to me! Painting took on a life of its own, taking shape within my life, in the hours of my day, in the walls of my home, in the questions of my children and the gaze of my wife, in the encouragement of my friends! Since then, I have never gone back. Keeping all thing in proportion, it’s become somewhat of my 5 child, an inestimable gift that I have a sense will never cease to surprise me.


     This site, which I owe to the kindness of a friend, is the continuation of this journey. It is a door which I open to all those who might want to take a look at my work, in order to invite some of these works of art to come and live with them.


Frédéric Eymeri